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El British Council recomienda a la mayoría de los candidatos a exámenes de Pearson que vayan a Noviembre.

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El British Council es uno de los centros examinadores más famosos de Madrid. Es uno de los pocos centros a los que pueden acudir candidatos externos que no tengan contacto con colegios.

Hasta hace poco los candidatos que se habían apuntado a exámenes de Pearson Edexcel no habían recibido indicaciones sobre cómo proceder. Esta semana hemos recibido dichas indicaciones. Os dejamos un extracto del e-mail  que han recibido los candidatos:

Dear Candidate,

Thank you for your continued patience during this exceptionally challenging time.

We apologise for the time it has taken us to provide the following guidance for private candidates sitting Pearson qualifications with the British Council. We have needed this time to fully consult with Pearson, and also monitor the ongoing developments at the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), to fully understand how the grading process could work for private candidates entered via the British Council. We would like to share an update below for you as private candidates currently entered for the May/June 2020 window. Please take special note of the reply deadline at the end of this email.

For those International AS and International A Level private candidates who have banked units covering at least 25% of the specification: we are working with Pearson to review the banked evidence available, to determine whether this is sufficient as the basis for our Centre Assessment Grades. We may not be able to provide a Centre Assessment Grade for every student, and this would need to be considered on an individual basis. We will share further details shortly, and please be aware that you will need to have your evidence of work available if requested.

For students who do not have banked units (which will include all students for GCSE, International GCSE and A level – as well as International AS and International A Level students with insufficient banked units): unfortunately the British Council is not in a position to provide Centre Assessment Grades or rank orders because we do not have sufficient evidence on which to base them. Our relationship with private candidates is to facilitate access to Pearson exams and to administer them in a secure environment, meeting all Pearson’s regulatory and exam administration standards.

  • For students for whom it is not possible to determine a Centre Assessment Grade:
    • We recommend that you defer to the next available series. Pearson have confirmed an Autumn series for international qualifications which is available to you.
    • Entries for candidates in this situation will soon be automatically withdrawn by the British Council from the May/June 2020 series.
  • If you have been studying with another Pearson approved centre during your studies, we recommend that you contact that centre to discuss whether it is possible to transfer your entry to them.

I would be most grateful if you could send us a confirmation in writing that you would like us to process i) a withdrawal and refund or ii) defer your registration to the next available series, as soon as possible no later than 10AM Spanish Time on Tuesday 12 May.

If you do not contact us by this deadline, we will assume that you wish to proceed with a withdrawal and refund.

We again thank you for your patience, we appreciate this is an exceptionally challenging time. If you have any questions please contact us at

Kind regards

British Council

En resumen, recomienda, ante la imposibilidad de poder recopilar la evidencia necesaria de los candidatos, que estos vayan a la convocatoria de Noviembre:

«We recommend that you defer to the next available series».

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